Chemical Dosing

Obtaining clean dishes, cutlery, glasses and other kitchen-ware is achieved with the combination of the action of water, temperature and chemicals in the warewasher. It is essential therefore that each of these are controlled correctly to achieve the required results.

Chemicals are controlled with dosing systems.

Internal dosing systems

Most dishwashers include chemical dosing systems that supply the appropriate amount of chemicals.  These levels are usually determined by the engineer at the time of installation based on water hardness, wash results and ph levels.

External dosing systems

When it comes to larger machines, where greater volumes of chemicals are used, more sophisticated external dosing systems are typically used.   These can be attached externally to a wall or table

Accurate and consistent dosing of dishwash chemicals
Accurate and consistent dosing of dishwash chemicals is essential to deliver high quality cleaning results. High tech dosing equipment incorporates innovative microprocessor controlled dosing technology to ensure consistent and precise dosing of dishwash detergent and rinse-aid. Also programmable dosing units offer a wide range of configuration options for an extensive range of operating modes.

Cost efficient equipment
Chemical dosing systems allow businesses not only to maximise cleaning performance but also to forecast their cleaning costs in a more efficient way. In addition, these systems accurately dispense the correct amount of chemical needed each time, without the risk of chemical spillage or misdosing.

System access codes 
Dosing systems can come with security access codes to eliminate unauthorised access to the unit.

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