We have teamed up with leading lease companies to bring you an easy, quick and affordable alternative to paying up front for the capital equipment you need. There are many benefits of leasing for businesses, with its flexibility, tax allowances and total equipment funding to name but a few.

  • Flexible payment terms - Leasing enables you to get the latest technology without any major capital outlay. Payment terms can be for any period from 12 months to 5 years, paid monthly or quarterly to suit your budgets.
  • Acquire now and pay over time - A lease will enable your company to purchase equipment now and pay for it over its useful working life.
  • Get the right equipment - Paying on a lease and spreading the cost enables you to get the equipment you need to help your business develop rather than the equipment your current budgets can afford.
  • Be tax efficient - Leasing is a very cost effective way of acquiring new equipment, all the repayments can be fully tax allowable reducing your corporation tax bill.
  • Predictable costs - Rates are fixed throughout the period of the lease making it easier for you to plan and budget.
  • Manage your cash- Strategic Leasing allows you to keep valuable capital free for more strategic uses within the business.
  • Flexibility of plan - Throughout the term you have the flexibility to add or exchange equipment without necessarily increasing your monthly payment.
  • One payment for everything - Installation and warranties costs can be included in the lease so you only make one direct debit payment each month to cover everything.

At the end of the lease you have a number of options from retaining the equipment for payment of one indefinite rental, upgrading to new equipment or even return the equipment if you no longer want to use it.

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