Kromo Lux QK2460 Flight Conveyor Dishwasher 

450H mm

Power supply: 400 V 3N 50 Hz

Total input: 27 kW; 2,5 kW + 40 kg/h

Dimensions: 4500 x 985 x 1860/2200 H mm

• SMART DRIVE 5 speed advancement system
• 710 mm wide conveyor
• Plates belt
• TFT 5.7” display and soft touch keyboard
• Frequently used keys shortcut and menu language setting
• Constant monitoring of key operations
• IPX5 electronic board
• Alarms and events report
• Autotimer
• Centralized 1-DRAIN and automatic AD drain, with total or partial emptying of the tanks
• New wash arms ALL-IN-1
• Use economizer
• ECO-DET economizer
• ACID PROOF Radial wash tanks in AISI 316 stainless steel inclined to provide complete drainage of the wash water
• ACID PROOF stainless steel boilers in AISI 316, fully insulated to reduce thermal loss
• S/S surface filters CLEAN+ to protect the wash tanks as well as the wash pump
• Double-skin, insulated and counterbalanced doors, equipped with anti-fall safety device
• THERMO BARRIER system for comfort in use
• Plug-in rinse-aid and detergent dispensers connection
• Non return valve
• Vertical self-cleaning pumps
• Reinforced double rinse 2R+, improved efficiency with lower consumption
• CPF System: Controlled Pressure Flow

* Warranty Upgrades 1-3 Years
* Delivery Only or Installation Option
* Buy, Rent or Lease Options

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