As part of the installation of the Dishwasher we will undertake essential basic plumbing and electrical work to ensure the Dishwashing system is suitably connected to water and electrical supplies and drainage. Our engineers are qualified and trained and we are insured appropriately to undertake this work.

Additional Electrical Services

Dishwashers need electrical supplies ranging from 13A single phase to 32A three phase and in our experience we find that the appropriate supply is not always in place.

We also know that it can be difficult to get suitably qualified electricians who are able to do work quickly and cost effectively.

That’s why we have teamed up with commercial NICE IC electrical contractors who we can trust to deliver safe, cost effective electrical services.

As you would expect from a specialist in ware washing with 20 years of experience and worldwide sourcing we have the answers for your site. So, why not test us out and arrange a site visit from one of our experts.

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