KROMO Lux 60EL Hygiene+ Undercounter Dishwasher

Racks/hour: in 55 °C n. 43/40/20/5

Washing cycles: 4: 60/90/180/630 s

Washing pump: 650 W

Total input: 5150 W

Tank capacity: 16,5 l

Boiler capacity: 5,7 l

Water comsumption: 2,3 l

Basket size: 500x500 mm

Dimensions: 600 x 610 x 850 H

The Hygiene+ models perform long cycles at high temperatures to fulfill high levels of hygiene, now more essential than ever for our health. Designed and conceived upon rigorous Disinfection parameters, the LUX2 Hygiene+ models include 2 special cycles complying with A0=30 on the scale of thermo-disinfection according to the norm EN ISO 15883-1, a short one program of 180 seconds and a longer one of 630 seconds, ensuring compliance with high levels of hygiene thanks to high temperatures and long cycles.

Warranty Upgrades 1-3 Years
* Delivery Only or Installation Option
* Buy, Rent or Lease Options

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