Waste Water & FOGS Management

As a busy food operation your focus is on providing your customers with good quality food, drinks and service.  Whilst you are maintaining quality front of house, it is important that you consider the impact the preparation of food has in your food production and external environments such as drains, pipes and sewerage. Like a clogged artery, the drainage on your premises and that leading from your premises can get blocked over time by Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs) and this can cause issues with your Landlord, your local Council and even Environmental Health, which can prove costly.

The Water Environment Research Foundation found that a majority (90%) of the Fats, oils and greases (FOGs) deposits in drain blockages contained saturated fats and this is the main cause of blocked pipes in commercial kitchens and in sewage pipes. In kitchens, FOGs are the by-products of food preparation, washing up activity, commercial dishwashing activity i.e. anything that goes down the plug hole.

As a responsible service provider we have undertaken significant research into how we can provide products and services but most of all provide FOGS solutions to our customers.


One solution is a grease trap, a plumbed in metal box which helps to prevents FOGs from entering the waste water disposal system. Although a grease trap will do a reasonably good job keeping your pipes clean; time and money needs to be spent cleaning and maintaining the device, and if its not the right size it won’t capture all of your FOG’s. This is where the optimal solution of the award winning GreaseShield® comes in.  Not only does the GreaseShield® trap grease, it self-cleans without using heating elements or additional chemicals thus saving you money on your running costs.

How does GreaseShield® work?

Step 1:  Automated Seperation

Waste grey water goes into the device which is then separated via a slowly rotating drum into FOGs and separated grey water. The FOGS are wiped away into a container that sits outside of the machine ready to be emptied once full or at the end of the day. The grey water is then drained away, free of FOGs.

Step 2:  Automatic Self Cleaning

Accumulated FOGs easily build up a foul odour which can leak out into the customer area. To prevent this, the GreaseShield® uses grey water that has already been separated to wash out any lingering FOGS without the need for staff intervention.

As you would expect from a specialist in ware washing with 20 years of experience and worldwide sourcing we have the answers for your site. So, why not test us out and arrange a site visit from one of our experts.

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