Kromo GR300 Plus Granule Washer

6xGN1/1-10xGN1/1 (530x325xmax 65)
2xGN2/1 650x530xmax 140
4xEN 600x400x20; 600x400x50
Ø 30 max 50; Ø 40 max 45; Ø 50 max 35

Racks/hour: in 55 °C n. 15/10/7/6/5/4

Washing cycles: 12: 4/6/8/10/12/15 min

Total input: 12975 W

Tank capacity: 103 l

Water comsumption: 4,4 l

Basket size: Ø735X240 mm

Dimensions: 1095x910x1910/2020 H

• The washing system is covered by an International dual Patent.
• 12 wash cycles, 6 of which combine water, detergent and granules.
• Soft -touch panel with multicolour key.
• Functional LCD Display for a constant control of all operations.
• Multi language control panel.
• Double-wall body, fully insulated with high performance thermo-acoustic material.
• AISI 316 body and impeller, high performance wash-pump.
• Wash-tank in AISI 316 s/s with guaranteed homogeneous thickness throughout the tank.
• Double, vertical easy-fit wash-arms, with concave shaped nozzles to prevent clogs and to optimize the combined flow of water and granules.
• Forced ventilation system to minimise the steam emissions at the end of the wash-cycle.
• All electric and electronic components are sheltered in a dedicated box, for easy access from the machine’s front.

* Warranty Upgrades 1-3 Years
* Delivery Only or Installation Option
* Buy, Rent or Lease Options

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