All equipment supplied by Aventus is for business use and as such is sold on a business to business basis.

All Aventus supplied ware washers are provided with a warranty. This can be a ‘parts only’ or a ‘labour and parts’ warranty. The Dishwash warranty is designed to ensure that the machines will operate to specification for the duration of the warranty period. Aventus agrees under this warranty to replace any original part that proves to be defective under normal use due to faulty material or workmanship, during the warranty period, providing the equipment has been unaltered and has been maintained and operated in accordance with applicable factory instruction manual furnished with the machine. In the event that that there has been a total machine failure, which in the opinion of Aventus cannot reasonably be repaired then Aventus undertakes to replace the machine with an equivalent and fully functioning machine.

For a labour and parts warranty the labour required to repair or replace defective parts will be paid by Aventus within mainland UK during the warranty period, provided that the labour has been performed by a Aventus authorised service agency, having prior authorisation from our Technical Services Department. Under the conditions of the warranty Aventus will endeavour to respond to complete machine breakdowns within 24 working hours and where wash results are not up to standard, within 48 working hours and this service will be supplied Monday to Friday, normally from 8.30am to 5pm. Aventus endeavours that repairs be completed on the first visit and this is underpinned by stock of the necessary parts on engineers vans or at our UK distribution centre. This warranty is void if the defect is due to damage resulting from shipment, handling, fire, water, accident, deliberate damage, misuse, events beyond our reasonable control, attempted repairs or improper installation by unauthorised persons, and if serial numbers or identifying marks have been removed or altered, or if equipment is used for purposes other than that intended.

Our warranty excludes:-

  1. Repairs to machines that have not been serviced as per the manufacturers recommendations. Machines subject to extra heavy work load will need frequent servicing.
  2. Repairs due to a breakdown caused by an operator failing to follow the operator instruction manual, which is supplied with the dishwashing machine or in the training supplied by the supplier*. (*Training is undertaken initially at installation and then periodically at every service and on a needs basis when an engineer visits).
  3. Damage by the customer – such that part or parts of the machine are accidentally or purposely damaged by an operator or as a consequence of neglect such that the machine fails to operate to specification.
  4. Consumable items including but not limited to display indication light bulbs and detergent squeeze tubes.
  5. Cosmetic damage and or non-functional parts which do not affect the normal use of the product including cabinet trim scratches and rust.
  6. Unblocking of drainage, drain pumps, filters, wash and rinse arms and wash pumps.
  7. Any loss as a result of not being able to use the product or any loss other than the repair or the replacement cost of the machine.
  8. Incorrect assembly after cleaning or lack of cleaning.
  9. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or installation guidelines.
  10. Any calls where the machine is not found to be faulty or aborted visits due to site restrictions.
  11. Adjustment of detergent dosing system except for when exclusively using Aventus supplied detergents.
  12. Damage and problems caused by water scale and hard water.
  13. Other environmental or site issues which are not reasonably foreseeable ahead of the installation.
  14. Exclusions may be chargeable.

Please note we reserve the right to charge for the expense of a service call when no fault has been found with the machine on inspection. To undertake warranty work access will be required to the site of the machine/s at the relevant times and days. We reserve the right to charge for service calls which are aborted due to site access issues, an unsafe working environment or undue delays by caused by site issues. The warranty will not normally include, unless specified in writing, other parts of the Dishwashing system or set up, which is not the ware-washer. This includes Tables, sinks, boost pumps, waste management systems, pre-washers, baskets, water softeners. This list is not exhaustive. Machine warranties are not transferable. Warranties are not available outside the UK mainland.

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