Buffet Restaurants

Buffet Restaurants

To cope with a continual service 12 hours a day the dishwasher needs to be hugely robust and reliable machines capable of quick, efficient and effective wash results.  Fresh water dishwashers, which do not have to be drained down and cleaned every few hours, are a reliable and efficient option especially important if the food being served has high oil content as this can contaminate the existing wash water in tank dishwashers and therefore giving poor wash results as the service continues.  

Key points to consider are:

  1. Quick wash service and turnaround of plates and other tableware
  2. Capable of dealing with cutlery, ceramic ware, metal dishes, glassware
  3. Consistently good wash results over 12 hours of service
  4. Ease of use
  5. Extremely robust
  6. Uninterrupted service 
  7. Reliability for 100,000’s of washes

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