Often offices start off by washing their cups, plates and other kitchen ware with domestic machines, until they realise that machine is too slow and the domestic warranty is not valid in a commercial environment. Commercial dishwashers are more expensive than domestic machines but they are more fit for purpose. We offer a few options for your office, from the semi-professional machine capable of being aesthetically matched with the rest of your kitchen to the commercial dishwasher capable of a 2 minute wash.

The dishwasher solutions we propose to our office clients are 

  • Budget conscious
  • Simple to operate
  • Simple to clean, maintain and fill with salt
  • Fit with the kitchen fascias if required
  • Have a commercial warranty
  • Offers uninterrupted service
  • Offers quick response in the event of breakdown

As you would expect from a specialist in ware washing with 20 years of experience and worldwide sourcing we have the answers for your site. So, why not test us out and arrange a site visit from one of our experts.

Call us today 0115 938 1939

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