Bury St Edmunds Hospital

Customer Type - Hospitals

Thank you once again for your exemplary service. From the moment I hit your web-site and then five minutes later spoke to you, I was impressed with the level of customer service I was afforded, unusual these days it has to be said.

This was very neatly followed up by Rod your installations engineer, who was here on site before I arrived at work at 08:30 this morning and was already in the middle of his task.

In speaking to him it was clear to me that he too has got entirely the right approach and attitude, nothing was too much trouble. Your entire performance deserves congratulation to both you and your team, for providing a truly first class service, our experience of you has been really excellent.

Rod has just completed the training for the machine to about 6 people and he did this clearly and with the confidence that he knew his machine inside out, making us aware of any likely problems; fantastic, what more can I say.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I will certainly recommend your company to my corporate colleagues at the highest level and I hope that it may have a positive outcome for you.

James Romana-Powling.

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