24 Hour Delivery

In the Catering insight magazine October Issue an article announced ‘Electrolux launched 24 hour delivery service’.

Sorry, but this is not news. Distributors around the UK have been delivering to 24 hours to end customers for years. Dishwashers Direct certainly have. Two of our manufacturer suppliers have too.

Electrolux seem to be behind the game and the article seemed to imply that this was just a delivery, which is only part of the story.

What about the installation? As we all know (?) an installation of a commercial dishwashing has to be done by someone who knows what they are doing. This is invariably a commercial dishwasher engineer.

Next day delivery AND installation is essential for many catering establishments when their current commercial dishwashing machine has expired.

So top 5 tips for a service orientated Commercial dishwasher supplier

  1. Have a 24 hour delivery service
  2. Have a 24 hour delivery AND installation service
  3. Do it right first time - Make sure you ask the customer the right pre-install questions so that you do it right first time for them
  4. Establish from the customer whether a direct replacement is the right choice. Very often commercial dishwasher machines expire when they are old – and in this time circumstances change and technology move on.
  5. Have sufficient stock of different specifications of commercial ware-washing machines so that you can meet your delivery promise.
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