You’ve gotta love YOUTUBE for its videos of the weird and wonderful and Gabor - Reborn in Dishwasher is certainly that. What I find curious is that he didn’t get scalded. A typical dishwasher has wash temperature of 55-60 degrees Celsius, which is pretty warm for the average human being [and terminal for most bacteria]. On top of this, the typical rinse temperature is about 83 degrees, which, if it was functioning, would reward Gabor with an extended stay in A&E.

So, why is Gabor looking so happy and apparently unscathed coming out the other end of the dishwasher? If you look carefully at the video you will see that the machine is actually a CMA dishwasher and this is the reason for Gabor’s ongoing good health, this US made CMA washes and rinses differently than the average machine.

Used across the U.S and worldwide this innovative, low energy, low tech, easy to use and astonishingly long lasting machine is quite unique in the UK. Why?

Top 7 CMA Passthrough features :-

  1. Uses fresh water every wash – no recycled kitchen soil in the wash water
  2. 90 second wash
  3. Washes at 60 degrees
  4. Rinses at 60 degrees – using 37% less power than an average washer – whilst still meeting the reg’s
  5. Additional low cost Sanitisation process
  6. Unbeatable 5 years parts and labour warranty
  7. Only available from Dishwashers Direct Ltd
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