Velox LP650 G/R

Velox LP650 heavy duty industrial washer. 

VELOX BARCHITTA, thanks to its long experience in the industrial and technological washing sector, has produced the model LP, solving the cleaning and sanitary problems in food industry where a quick and hygienic washing is essential. Its different models make this machine possible to be fit also in limited spaces, cutting down washing costs with a constant guarantee of quality of the sanitary standard.

A special system of washing with rotating pressed inox steel arms, placed on the upper and lower part of the objects to be washed, let powerful water jets arrive at every possible hidden corner of the washer and the items in the washer.

In the “meat sector” a special “PEAKS CONTROL KIT” allows the washing temperature to be kept constantly between 48 and 51°C, which is necessary for that kind of application. A special circuit of overheated clean water, by using rotating arms, guarantees a deep rinsing. The LP is completely produced in Inox Steel AISI 304 and it complies with all the international safety standards in force.

The LP650 is available in two door configurations which offers a trade off between total operational height and convenience. Additional options include Steam exhauster, rinse pump, disinfection kit, temperature peak control kit, External power washer to clean the machine, detergent dispenser, refill signal for chemical, insulation for heat insulation and sound attenuation, electrical consumption measurement and wheels. 




Dimensions (WxDxH)


Basket Size


Racks Per Hour 


Wash Cycle (minutes)


Drain Pump


Rinse Aid Dosing


Detergent Pump


Water Supply

Hot / Cold

Usable inside dimension


Rinse Boost Pump


Power/Electrical Supply

3-Phase 6.4KW


* Warranty Upgrades 1-3 Years
* Delivery Only or Installation Option
* Buy, Rent or Lease Options

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