‘Fatbergs’ in Cardiff and London

In February of this year a 3 ft wide mass was found in the sewers beneath Mill Lane Cardiff. The 3ft ‘fatberg’ was blocking sewers beneath Mill Lane in Cardiff, a popular nightlife spot with scores of fast food restaurants. Only a few months earlier a similar 15 ton ‘fatberg’ was found in London.


‘Fatbergs’ caused by commercial kitchens

The Water Environment Research Foundation found that a majority (90%) of the Fats, oils and greases (FOGs) deposits in drain blockages contained saturated fats and this is the main cause of blocked pipes in commercial kitchens and in sewage pipes. In kitchens, FOGs are the by-products of food preparation, washing up activity, commercial dishwashing activity i.e. anything that goes down the plug hole.

Fatbergs Greasetrap

Water authorities invoking and enforcing legislation

These rancid fat ‘n’ stuff mountains are causing the Water companies aggravation, so they in turn are looking to go to the root cause i.e. the businesses which cause the problem. This is the legislation that they can expect to be using.

The first targets are - Shopping centres and their tenants

On the basis of feedback from our customers its clear that the first targets are going to be the shopping centres because of the amount of catering establishments in them. What is clear is that Shopping centre Landlords are now aggressively pursuing a F.O.G.S free policy for all of their tenants.

Catering Tenants that will have to watch out

Any tenant that provides food for the customer will become a target – including Restaurants, Coffee shops, Snack bars, Take-aways which have sinks and/or a commercial dishwasher, which don’t have a Fats Oils or greases solution.

What’s the best solution?

It depends! on the standards that are set by the consultant in charge of advising the Shopping centre. Here’s what you may encounter as a catering business. The standard required and the machine that meets it.

  • EN 1825 Parts 1 & 2 – European Standard For Passive Traps
  • CSA B481 Series 12 – Hydro Mechanical Greasetraps and Passive Greasetraps
  • PDI G101 – Hydro Mechanical Greasetraps and Passive Greasetraps
  • ASME A112.14.3-2000 - Hydro Mechanical Greasetraps and Passive Greasetraps
  • ASME A112.14.4.2001 - Grease Interceptors equipped with automatic grease removal devices (GRDs).

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