Warranty Con

I had a very interesting conversation with a key decision maker in a Restaurant chain the other day around the subject of dishwashers, value for money and real world lifetime costs. I went something like this.

Him:- The issue I have is that these **@*** things cost us a fortune and yes they are attractive machines that wash well and save us money on water and power. But when they go down I can’t get them fixed quickly and when someone turns up they cost a fortune to get fixed.

Me: - mm! But what about your warranty? you’ve only had them 3 years.

Him: - The warranty was only for two years. What @***** me off is that these were supposed to last for years.


So you only got 2 years warranty for a hood machine that cost you over £6000?


What are you saying?


Nothing. But in fairness to these machines they should last a good few years. Are you treating them harshly?


Have you ever been in a Restaurant?


Yes. And point taken.

I am paraphrasing of course and the conversation went onto other things. He had/has a point and it is something to get emotional about – especially with the sort of money that can be involved repairing dishwashers. As a distributor I have some sympathy with the manufacturer however I think that on balance the Restaurateur is correct. Expensive top end capital equipment should be able to withstand the rigours of most kitchens and in the event of failure have exemplary, responsive after sales service.

And to my mind the higher the relative value of the equipment the greater the confidence of the manufacturer should be. i.e. High value equipment should offer a longer warranty than the standard stuff. It is not enough to say ‘our equipment lasts for years’.

I say Prove it!

With deeds not words – offer a proper duration warranty. Start with 5 years.

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