Catering Hire

Catering Hire

Catering hire businesses typically have to wash huge volumes of kitchen ware in one go. Event hire businesses routinely have to cater for large numbers of covers, often over extended periods of time. So the service has to be capable of recycling dishes and other ware in readiness for multiple courses and sittings. The common factor between both types of business is that they need to wash a lot of ware quickly, efficiently, as cost effectively as possible and achieve exceptional wash results. We have achieved this time after time for our clients by concentrating on the following areas.

  • Sourcing high specification ware washing equipment from world class manufacturers, capable of 
    • exceptional results
    • intensive services
    • repeated operation hour after hour without interruption
    • durability over years
  • Providing all the other equipment necessary to minimise excessive labour.
  • Providing a meaningful full labour and parts warranty
  • Providing a quick response in the event of service interruption.

Given there so many options we always look to visit you at your operation and work with you to

  • Improve work flow
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Speed up wash turnaround time
  • Improve overall wash results
  • And ultimately find the solution tailored to your specific situation

Case Studies


As you would expect from a specialist in ware washing with 20 years of experience and worldwide sourcing we have the answers for your site. So, why not test us out and arrange a site visit from one of our experts.

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