The dishwashing needs of restaurants are as diverse as the definition of a restaurant. From small pop up restaurants to 1000 cover buffet restaurants, from informal restaurants to  Michelin star establishments, the variety is endless.  Each restaurant will have different needs when it comes to washing their  tableware.  A host of factors need to be considered when choosing a commercial dishwasher.

Some of the factors to consider are:-

  • How many covers and over what period of time?
  • What type of food is served? Is there a high oil or sugar content in food?
  • What tableware is needed to be wash. 
  • Is the tableware required needing to be instantly dry and ready for the next service?
  • Are stubborn stains needing to be removed?
  • What space is available?
  • What power (i.e 13amp, single phase, 3 phase) is available.
  • How do you optimise workflow?

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