Commercial Dishwashing can be perceived as being a simple process and in most cases, it is. There are times however when other factors have to be taken into consideration so that results expected are achieved efficiently, safely, meeting the applicable regulations and with the least cost and operational upheaval as possible. To address these factors we follow a design process that allows us to provide the total solution.

Key steps in our design process

  1. Services Assessment
  2. Water Preparation
  3. Washing
  4. Drying
  5. Finishing
  6. Waste Management
  7. Operational Process Design
  8. Regulatory Environment
  9. After Sales

Service Assessment

Commercial dishwashers use water and electricity and produce waste water. All of the appropriate services need to be within close proximity to the washer and fit for purpose. We tell you precisely what you need or we can even sort it for you with the resources at our disposal.

Water Preparation

The key areas to consider here are water hardness, water pressure and volume, and water temperature and chemicals. Dishwashers can be supplied with either hot or cold water, however there are some exceptions. Most dishwashers require at least 1 bar of pressure and some sites have very low pressure. Most of the UK has hard water and some parts have exceptional high concentrations, if not dealt with this can have profound consequences on the operation of your ware-washer. Sometimes, to get exceptional results we may need to advise you on how to take out additional additives in the water. Additionally we think about chemicals. Not all dishwasher chemicals are the same and what you need to use will be determined by what you are washing, what machine you are using and the water quality.

In each scenario we will be able to provide either the appropriate ware-washer or additional products you need to achieve your overall ware washing objectives.


Washing is of course where the action takes place. The key questions which we look to answer are:-

What needs to be washed? How often? At what rate? To what standard? And what are the constraints, if any? Once these questions have been answered the choice of machine type becomes obvious. The only question remaining is, which Brand is best for you?


If the chemicals and machine are set up correctly then products which are washed will generally dry shortly after they come out of the washer. This is not always the case for items made out of plastic and when the environment is cold. In this case driers can be used on larger machines to speed up and enhance the drying process. We will work with you to determine what is best for your operation.


In certain environments where a high level of finish is required (on glasses for example) or where there is a high turnover of customers, products are available to meet this brief. When it comes to cutlery, polishing machines sterilise, dry and polish to high level of finish and hygiene. Glasses can be finished to an exceptionally high level of finish with the use of a polishing machine or within the wash process and without manual labour using osmotically prepared wash water.

Waste Management

The primary goal is getting the waste water out of the wash room into the drainage system and out of the building. The hot issue at the moment Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGS) in waste water and the management of this. The Water Industry Act 1991 and the 2000 Building Regulations both underpin action which is being taken by water authorities and landlords. Depending on your circumstances this is an important area to consider and we can advise you.

Operational Process Design

People are involved in all the environments we have serviced and they therefore have to be considered. The system we design for our customers takes into consideration workflow, ergonomics and elimination of unnecessary work so that you can get the most efficient, cost effective and safe working environment.

Regulatory Environment

In all cases of our total solution provision we provide the means for you to ensure that you are adhering to the regulations governing your activity.

After Sales

After we have supplied you a solution we remain at your disposal to ensure that it continues to meet your needs. With extended labour and parts warranties and variety of service packages we ensure that you can choose a support package that best suits your requirements for years to come.

As you would expect from a specialist in ware washing with 20 years of experience and worldwide sourcing we have the answers for your site. So, why not test us out and arrange a site visit from one of our experts.

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